Black Insitu Testing was formed in 2008 as a specialised Cone Penetration Testing company. The company founders are experienced geotechnical engineers who also own a geotechnical consultancy called Black Geotechnical that has been operating in Melbourne since 1985. The motivation for creating Black Insitu Testing was a need for high quality CPT tests to aid accurate and economic geotechnical investigations in Victoria. The range of specialised testing has been expanded to include Dilatometer Testing, Seismic Testing, Pile Driving Analysis and Plate Load Testing.

The CPT and above associated tests have evolved into a far more useful tool for geotechnical engineers than the original electric friction cone test. Black Insitu Testing can provide a full range of CPT geotechnical testing that is currently available. This range of testing is described in this website.

Black Inistu Testing have eight CPT rigs, which can access a wide range of site access conditions.

Black Insitu Testing have been involved in a variety of projects, including commercial/industrial buildings, multi-storey buildings, wind farms, desalination plants, road and bridge projects, ground improvement, tunneling and land reclamation.

Testing Services Around Australia

Black Insitu Testing operates anywhere within Australia and work internationally. Our eight CPT rigs are based in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.