Electrical Shear Vane

The GVT-100 is a sophisticated PLC controlled device with a high precision torque sensor that overcomes the limitations of other vane testers and has accurate torque and rotational speed measurement.

Typically a testing rate of 0.1 degrees/second is used to measure the peak undrained shear strength and a higher rate is used for remoulding followed by measuring the residual undrained shear strength at the lower testing rate.

The GVT-100 is optimized for CPT tubes as turning rods with casing tubes as outer casing. The GVT-100 comes with three standard rectangular vane types (70mm x 35mm, 100mm x 50mm and 150mm x 75mm).

A protection shoe can also be used to encase the shear vane while pushing thourgh harder layers to the desired test depth.