CPTs & drilling for landslide assessment & bridge footing design

Landslide risk assessment required along existing pedestrian pathway above a creek which had flooded causing extensive damage.

Pedestrian bridge footing replacement was also proposed.

CPTs provided soil parameters for both the landslide analysis and bridge design.

Below CPT refusal depth, rock properties were obtained with geotechnical drilling using the same rig.



Difficult access CPTs for landslide assessment

Shallow landslides had occurred in a public park.

Truck access to the top of the landslide was not possible due to the risk of instability.

Truck access to the base of the landslide was not possible due to boggy ground and limited pathways.

Provided soil parameters for landslide deterministic analysis.



Difficult access CPTs for new pedestrian suspension bridges

Difficult location on banks of the Ovens River for two 50 m long suspension bridges.

Client required minimal disturbance to vegetation.

Geoprobe tracked down slopes and between trees where trucks would not fit.

Provided soil strength and stiffness parameters for pile design involving high lateral and uplift loads.



CPT testing at remote NSW bridge sites

Remote location in NSW required replacement of bridges constructed in the 1920s.

The bridges had load limits between 2 tonne and 10 tonne.

The Geoprobe could cross the bridges where heavier rigs could not and provide CPTs for pile design without the need for boreholes.

Predrilling through fill with cobbles and boulders was performed with the same rig before conducting the CPTs.