Dilatometer Marchetti Test (DMT)

Dilatometer Marchetti Test (DMT) consists of a robust blade containing a membrane flush to the soil which is pushed into the ground (up to 40m depth depending on soil conditions). At regular intervals, the membrane is expanded by means of pressurised gas and the response measured.

The main application of the DMT is to estimate settlements and operative moduli, both in sands and clays, and the undrained shear strength in clay. Compared to a pressuremeter test the DMT is very quick. The blade is robust and the measured parameters are simple making it a very reliable field test.


Measured and interpreted soil properties

Two corrected pressure measurements are recorded during the test (P0 and P1)

These are interpreted to provide ID KD and ED. These are important properties specific to the DMT test.

Further interpretation provides more familiar soil properties as seen in the table below.


Comparison of DMT and CPT as same location in Yarra Delta sediments