Difficult access CPTs on unstable sand dunes

Collapsing sand dunes had destroyed the lower section of access stairs to a beach in SW Vic.

All equipment had to be carried by hand over sand dunes.

Pushed CPTs to 10 m through loose sand, dense sand, very stiff clay, and into highly weathered calcarenite.

Results will be used to assess stability of the dunes and the reconstruction of the beach access.



CPT testing on floating barge

Lightweight rig and small barge required for an investigation for the removal of an earth bund creek regulator.

Portable rig attached to barge which was lifted together into the creek.

Pushed CPTs to over 17 m, with no jack-up support.

Results used for designing dredge removal of the regulator.



Remote testing via helicopter in Papua New Guinea


CPTs were required for design of roads crossing very deep swamps in the remote Sanduan province of Papua New Guinea.

All equipment was moved by helicopter.

Ten drums filled with water were used in conjunction with ground anchors to provide reaction.

Pushed CPTs to over 33 m, on ground which did not support foot pressure.



CPT testing in underground car park

Low headroom in underground carpark limited the investigation equipment to 2.5 m height.

Acrowprops were installed to provide 10 tonne reaction.

Pushed CPTs to over 12 m in hard/dense clayey sand/sandy clay (Brighton Group).

Results used for design of new multi storey apartments.