Our high quality piston sampler provides a 76 mm diameter soil sample up to 800 mm long. It is designed for soft clays and loose sands/silts. It has been used many times on tailings dams, sampling a variety of weak material and has a very good success rate in challenging very loose sand/silt materials. Our sample tubes have an excellent end area ratio of 11% and a 15 degree cutting edge.

Our soil samples have been used by the University of Western Australia for advanced laboratory testing. To ensure our soil samples were of adequate quality, the CT scans shown below were performed by Furgo on the full sample tubes. The scans indicate very low soil disturbance and full sample recovery.

If you need high quality soil samples, we can provide the best equipment and in house methodology to collect the samples. We have also developed our in house release mechanism for the piston, which has reduced the time to take the sample and therefore the cost.

IMG_7250 (Large).JPG
CT scan sample 4.jpg
CT scan sample 3.jpg