Plate Load Testing with CPT rig in remote Western Australia

Stacked plates and reference beam were attached to one of our CPT rigs so that they could be raised and lowered hydraulically, without staff having to access below any heavy equipment.

The PLT rig was independent of other equipment and could move between test locations more quickly than an excavator.
Having the plates permanently attached meant that many more tests could be performed, with up to 8 done in one day.

Mine site required compaction control testing on fill with a high proportion of cobbles.
Conventional compaction control tests were not practicable.
Plate Load Tests were chosen by the client as an alternative as the traditional method of using a tracked excavator for reaction raised safety concerns with the mine.

PLTs performed quickly and independently


The load is recorded electronically with a 25 tonne pancake load cell.

Stacked plates with diameters of 450 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm and 750 mm can be provided.

Deflections are measured electronically with accurate draw wire sensors.

All results are logged on a laptop automatically so that transcription errors are avoided.

Results available immediately


Results are checked, printed, and emailed from the rig at the end of the test.

The same plates, load cell, draw wire sensors and logging system can be used with excavators to provide the reaction if required